Sunday, June 26, 2011

Star Thistle....

Most of the nearer yard is waist high in star thistle. Ever the opportunist, I think....well, there's my mulch...just waiting for harvest. I've been wondering about mulch provision a little. So I've spent several hours already getting intimate with my old scythe....a tool never finding a use in Georgia due to tree stubs and sticks everywhere. The electric weedeater just won't hack it, not full grown like that. And I read about other uses of this "invasive exotic"....a valuable goat browse that will grow longer into the drought than the grasses, and an important bee forage and bird food. But so far I'm after two yields by cutting shouldn't be left to stand there after it dries, and mulch. Perhaps I can arrange a beneficial meeting between the two invasive plants on this land...the bermuda grass in the garden and the star thistle.....separated by a layer of cardboard....with the production of food as the eventual yield!

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  1. Star thistle, it makes a good substitute for milk thistle...It's in Invasive Plant Medicine...wish you luck in the new homestead...bravo courageous pioneers!