Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Welcome everyone!
Alder and Isabel will both be posting what they're up to here. Stay tuned!
We just purchased a 1.5 acre in Tehama County, CA, which includes a metal barn, two chicken sheds, three other sheds (food storage, laundry, etc.) and a 1976 mobile home!
I (Isabel) have never been very fond of mobile homes, especially after living in the South (and in OK for one year when I was a kid) where mobile homes can be death-traps if a tornado comes along. But happily, no real threat of tornadoes in CA, just heat (it's a DRY heat!) and snakes. Earthquakes I'm not worried about.
I'll post a link to the right for some awesome folks in Truth or Consequences, NM who have become my heros for having a permaculture/maker outlook on a mobile home. THEY are the reason I'm game to fix this place up!
Another blog I'll post a link for is for a family who has been doing permaculture in southern Tehama county for 3 years!
Stay tuned for an explanation of the new logo and farm name, and first photos of our first gleaning foray in Red Bluff!
We're looking forward to the challenge!

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