Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big City Sunday

Yesterday was my first outing to meet with the Cherokee Culture, Language and History group in Oakland. It's a group that is supported by the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and I had met some of the folks at a Cherokee picnic back in May who told me about this meeting. They meet at the Intertribal Friendship House near Lake Merritt. It's a pretty cool place with a garden out front that includes corn, squash, sweet grass and ceremonial tobacco.

Oakland is a long way to go, but for one thing, learning the culture and language and history of my ancestors means an incredible amount to

me, as does the fact that these

folks don't consider me some pesky white woman, they consider me a child of the Nation. And just the opportunity to converse with others is very valuable in learning the language. You can only read and write so much.

The other thing is that Alder and I made good use of the rest of the day in the city, shopping for things that we love but can't find within a 100 mile radius of our new home, like Indian (other kind) curried lime pickles, powdered Indian tea, and strange Vietnamese fish.

It was well worth the visit, getting to meet other like-minded Cherokee folk in CA (there are a LOT of them!) but the traffic, even on a Sunday, was enough to wear me out by mid-afternoon.

We have-after some trial and error-decided that it's better (at least for us) to live in the peace and quiet of a very rural setting, with no distractions, and visit the city once in a while, rather than live in a city with all it's time, money and energy distractions, and visit the peace and quiet once in a while like a lot of people do. Which reminds me I want to blog at some point about permies living yes, on degraded land, but what about degraded social or economic areas....

I realize now after 7 years of living very rurally and without a (or much of a) job, that the rest of America is entirely too STRESSED!! No wonder everyone is so unhealthy!

Yes, it was a long drive. Can't say I'll want to do it more than once a month, BUT, that's plenty I think. Enough to keep us in social fun, curry paste and strange meat anyway.

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