Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday Alder and I went for a walk since it was "long pants chill" til about 11am (strange weather lately!) and we found that there is year-round water in the creek just above us-to the East. There's even one place that looks likea wallow. A HOG wallow.
We found lots of rocks, really pretty
and big enough to do stuff with! I found some sort of wild mint, blooming purple on the hills, and some pretty little pink flowered thing, which I've never seen before. We also found a POND. Mind you all this is on the neighbor's land, but we were told by the former owners that he only comes around a couple of times a year and that they used to walk it all the time. SO I'm thinking that on some hot day soon, me and that pond are going to have to make friends :)
There's willow by the pond to. We walked further up the hill and found evidence of deer, turkey, hog and beautiful views. The sun finally came out, so we headed back.
Unfortunately the dog was COVERED in burrs, and I mean covered. So I think she will only be walking with us in late winter. Bummer.

The weather has been strange. It's been getting progressively cooler, and yesterday was completely overcast when we woke up, chilled from lack of blankets and a chill morning. Last night there we
re even thunder clouds to the north of us, and lightening. It was 59 this morning! I keep telling Alder, this is NOT NORMAL!! Here he is (above) with his cat warmer and his old blue wool shawl from Bangladesh. Really, this is ridiculous (but LOVELY) for JULY!!

We are noticing lots of things, including bird calls, and
birds themselves, and we finally met an owl who was out on the cloudy day, catching some of the MANY mice that live around us! He just sat there, even though we were making noise and the dog was growling at it, and looked around. Then he flew over to a big oak on the neighbor's land.

Not all discoveries are good ones, and while the laundry was draining this morning (we assumed into the septic tank), Alder was sitting on the porch and I was out in the small "back yard" and we were conversing about where to run the greywater from the laundry, I heard water draining through a pipe, and to my horror, looked over the edge of the gully to see soapy bubbles draining right down into the watershed. Oh MY! Well, greywater just moved WAY up the list!!

Alder had one failed batch of tempeh which he posted on Facebook that he was drying along with the mice from the traps to keep for future chicken feed. The mice dehydrating also failed, but this morning he had nice warm white-moldy tempeh in the oven. Very happy he was!

So it's been a constant chain of projects. Painting is still happening, along with a million other things all vying for top spot on our daily to-do list.
Thankfully it's been nice enough for me to be outside and dithering in the back...I am starting with some small plantings (ok, I'm a plant junkie and I CANNOT help myself!) to beautiful the small area along the walk way in back, that leads to the laundry and other outbuildings. It's a cool shady spot and the frogs love it, so I wanted to fix it up. For the frogs.

Every day brings new discoveries, some not so good, like a dog
full of burrs and finding out your'e polluting the countryside. But some discoveries are magical, like medicine growing in the wild, a feather or a dried dragonfly that's just too pretty for words.
It's SOOO good to be back in the land where I found much solace and magic as a child. I find myself being very worldly wary when I go out-watching for snakes, etc. But then I remember who I was, back when I was 10 and my best friend and I would go on "hikes" in the woods. Those were magical times that helped to keep me happy, and really are a part of who I am now. It's so good to honor that. Good to be home.

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  1. I am sure the frogs appreciate all your efforts! Yes I used to roam the hills too, never fearing rattlesnakes or black widows. Now when my kids are off, I think ... But really you just gotta be free. You are so lucky with the pond and willows close by. I have been trying to start creek willows. Finally think I got some. They are supposed to be super easy to start from cuttings but I have had trouble. Gosh we have never had weather like this... I will love it while it lasts, been ten years in coming who knows how long it will be before we see temps like this in mid-July again. :)