Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pantry and Blueberries

For several of the past days (3 to be exact) I've been unpacking, re-jarring or jarring and placing FOOD in our pantry. Due to the fact we're in the country, where the mice and ants are thick, we have to do like we did in GA and put everything in glass.
We have a LOT of food on hand, so it took that long. I literally spent one whole DAY putting new food in jars.
Once a young lady from a city came to our farm in GA. She stood in front of our pantry and said "That is the most food I've ever SEEN in someone's home!"
It's mostly because we buy in bulk, or GROW in bulk (last year Alder got 150 lbs of small black peas, 50 lbs of corn, and 250 lbs of sweet potatoes. And we also store sugar, salt, other grains, and all sorts of canned foods, like goat, oil from various animals, fruit, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
It may not look like much, but that pantry is a laundry room, so the shelves are as deep as a washing machine. And they're packed!

Alder and I got a lead on some local blueberries-not organic but they didn't seem super-sprayed either, so we went out on the spur of the moment Sat. morning and picked. It wasn't too hot, which was nice.
They were super cheap, so it was hard to resist. End of the season they weren't perfect, but for 1/10th of what I can pay for a pint at the store, it was worth it.
We bagged and froze them. normally we would can them, but at the moment everything is still packed, so freezing works. I use a lot of berries in my morning smoothies, so it's nice to have some fresh!

People wonder what we do for a "living"....THIS.

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