Friday, September 23, 2011

Projects, Routine and Special Surprises

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged...we're still in what we call "Start up" mode, and although we are mostly "moved in" and things put away, there are still some projects left to do, like painting the hallway and the built in hutch (thingy) and of course planting around the house outside...
What gets me is when we first got here we pretty much just did projects from morning til night, and put away stuff...but NOW, add to that that we've been here long enough that there is routine cleaning to do-something that for the last 7 years I've only done in less than 200 sq. ft.

Now I have 1200 (weee!) and it ALL gets dirty! Dirt, yes, as in cat hair, DUST (it's dry, it's summer and it's DUSTY outside) plus spiders-MAN the spiders-and spider poo and dead bug carcasses that go with lots of spiders...not to mention the floors (oh don't get me started on the DAMN LAMINATE flooring) which needs mopping (not any more) and sweeping often... Alder is used to having A CAMP kitchen, as in outdoors-leave the crumbs and 47 different species will clean up after you...but not we try to keep it clean to keep the mice and tiny sugar ants out...

So now I CLEAN a lot, AND still have projects
left to do, PLUS, oh, yeah, PERSONAL projects-like the half-finished baby sweaters that my two
great-nieces have already gotten too big for, and curtains (finished those for the guest room because the rubber backing is keeping out the boiling
afternoon sun) and a quilt for the guest-room, because I need more big blankets, and 80 million smaller sewing projects that I fancy myself
doing...someday! And yes, I have fantasies of turning my half of the barn (with it's dwindling supply of STUFF) into a dyeing and tee-shirt printing shop....yeah.

BUT, we have gotten a TON of things done-Alder's been outside almost constantly...

Left, Alder's first olive brining experiment from gleaned olives.

Alder creating an orchard...

What's cooking?

Isabel winnowing acorns...

So that's what we've been up to...that and not much else, oh, except I go play auntie to my two great nieces :)
We make jokes about the day when we finally get "DONE" with all our projects!

And yes, I'm promising Alder to stay PUT here for good!

Oh, and the surprise???
Water leak in the bathroom that crept under the wall and soaked into the laminate flooring (BAD choice for a bathroom!), under the old linoleum and into the sub-flooring in two rooms... so now we have to re-do bathroom flooring! WEEE. (Not.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

not georgia any more!

A strong steady wind came up this morning and went on all day. I was wondering why I felt so tense and stressed this morning, then it dawned on me: in Georgia, to have a wind this strong for so long in hot weather means something very very bad is coming....a hurricane or tropical storm, or maybe a wicked bad cold front with tornadoes and hail.....But Isabel reassured me, here, it means nothing much at all....maybe, just maybe it means the first hint of fall coming on! So I went on, preparing the grapefruit spot, and picking up windthrown pears (possibly mature enough to cold-store and ripen!) and the early, buggy acorns to smash and dry for chicken feed.....