Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Scythe Must Dance

It's a beautiful thing when an ancient hand tool can keep up with its motorized counterpart, and even do things a mower can't.  At least not my wimpy electric push-mower.  The scythe easily deals with a four-foot tall stand of wild oats which I would have hated to try to mow!  Tall stuff is actually easier to cut than short stuff.....and moreover, it cuts easier still if it's wet or dewy---again the exact opposite of any powered mower! 
Like any hand tool, practice makes perfect, and a significant amount of time is spent sharpening the tool.  I'm still a novice compared to some of the videos one can find.  And it is exercise, but a rhythmic aerobic exercise that is more comparable to dancing than any other physical activity I can compare it to. 

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